Blowing through our guarantees again by 39 points….

TOP SECRET! Phantom Moves In Shadows, Crushes SMU Win…Saturday More Scores…

Phantom Sports Picks

“The Phantom Knows Football”



                                    I WANT TO BE…. SO I CAN HIT, RUN & TAKE THE MONEY!


    Thursday Night Blowout…..  SMU (+) 72            Houston 42

                        Nothing like a 30 point win to get your juices flowing!


                        ALL THE BETTER FOR IS THAT I’VE GOT

                              3 MORE WINNERS JUST LIKE THAT SATURDAY


   Last week’s PHANTOM THREE…


                              TULANE (+18)    27                SMU 26                WON!

                              BOISE ST (-7)      20                FRESNO ST 10    WON!

                              B’ING GREEN (-7 ½) 37        MIAMI (Oh) 12   WON!


          Clients call me the “Stealth Bomber” of the line. Bookmakers call me the “Phantom enemy” they can’t get a handle on.


           You’ll call me THE GUY WHO MADE YOU RICH, if you hook up and listen to me.


                                    PAST WINNERS ARE GREAT, BUT FUTURE WINNERS

                                                MAKE YOU MONEY AND THAT’S WHY

                                                   I’M WRITING TO YOU TODAY!


  Saturday I’ve identified THREE COLLEGE PLAYS that should win as easily as SMU did over Houston last night. My sources are top of the line. My computer generated numbers win (as you can see from the record).


   I’m not going to give away hints on these games. As a “phantom” I move in the shadows, coming out only to smack down bad lines, get my clients the money and then roll back into the fog until the next big hit. That’s why I’M NOT one of those services that writes you every day with SOMETHING BIG. How can you have a big game every day? Impossible.


      What I do have is THREE FOR SATURDAY AND ALL 3 ARE YOURS FOR $23. I think that’s a reasonable price for us to get acquainted. And, here’s what I’ll do for you, if you join me…



  **Guaranteed You Go 3-0 (or 2-1)

 **Beat the Spread by 21 Total (for 3 games) or Sunday’s Free on Me


  No other service dares give those kinds of Guarantees. Join the Phantom. I’ll stay in the shadows, but you can go out in the sunlight to collect the big money.


Order now…


Or Call Toll Free ….


1-866-350-5625 (LOCK)



Jason Thane

CEO Phantom Sports Picks


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