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Under the Radar Plays (great example)

Sept 9th 2010

Opening night NFL is always an exciting time of year and a great event to attend if you have never done so. I highly recommend it just like a Super Bowl (it’s truly a once in a lifetime experience cm on man The Dave Mathews Band was the “opening act” . This year it was in “The Big Easy” and what better place to host such an event than the returning 2010 Super Bowl Champs (that barely covered any spreads last year period when we were on em) . Minny had a luck luster pre-season and the public sentiment was that Minny would get smoked on opening day. Well no one was really wrong on this one since for most it was a push. Once again the Saints cannot cover a spread but the opportunities were out there if you were looking. People have short term memories. I had many clients calling in today (many who lost with me chasing the Saints last year when we lost on them on two different releases) asking who we were using on tonight’s play and I actually heard disappointment when i released it. It was the CMU Chippewas playing on the road at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia and it’s a perfect example of what we try and do here at Phantom Sports. When everyone is on line at the airport and there’s a short line, go to it. CMU was a strong team last year and Temple got real lucky in there opening win against Nova. The line was a true mistake and should have been more of a pick em but the lines makers gave the Chipps too many points for Temple’s home field advantage (mistakes we saw last year in the same stadium only with a different team (The Eagles). Granted it wasn’t televised, granted Auburn was another public play that actually hit, and granted unless you were from Michigan or Philly you probably had better things to watch like Scrappers or C-Span. BUT, If you want to know whose going to win the Super Bowl try another service. If you want to capitalize and make money you have come to the right place. We will give you our opinion every year on the biggest game of the year but never release it for much more than a 49.95 special. 

In conclusion, go to our horse racing results whether you like horses or not. I would like to point out that the day we hit our biggest score of the year at Churchill Downs ($22,000.00 Tri-fecta) with Snow Top people were all worried about the Belmont Stakes. If you want big events go to a Lady Gaga concert if you wanted to make money tonight the Chipps were the play. Congrats to all of our clients that had it. Look for more plays like this its our niche.