Horse Racing Platinum Packages

1 Day

Full day of service with exotics, when available, and money management tips to ensure you leave the track with a good experience on your first day of service. This is a one time offer per client. We advise a Phantom Professional hold your hand for the first class treatment on your first day of service. From that point on a choice of Text, Email or live service may be provided depending on the package you decide to purchase.


1 Month

Full service all month with maybe one or two black card races as a bonus to accelerate the figure and the relationship. A great way to test drive the service for a full month. Enough time to experience the consistency, and get used to the transfer of information and service; whether its text, email, or a phone conversation on the active days. Our highest recommendation *** (a majority of our successful clients started this way) ***


1 Week

Full card daily minimum two races a day with exotics when available (except dark days; usually two days out of the week) for a full week with choice of delivery of service.

A- Live call from Phantom Professional with money management tips and exact play.

B- Text message

C- Email


1 Year

Full service all year except for dark days. Please discuss gratuity options on this package with your Phantom Professional. Big Rolls Royce Service Races Inclusive Carte Blanche.