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Why Some Guys Won $800 But Others Cashed $3,110! Ultimate Football Betting Secret

 Jason Thane

CEO Phantom Sports Picks


Member Week In Review Tuesday Update…



 Money management is the true science of winning.

 And there could not be a better example than yesterday, Sunday, Sept. 26, when we went 3-2 against the spread. Now, 60% is nothing to be sneezed at…

 …But if you were just playing the same amount of money on each game that translates into a small win. For example: Betting $100 a game would have resulted in an $80 profit (paying $10 vig on each losing game) or $800 on $1,000 a game bets.

 However, as your “sports financial consultant” I told you up front to really step it up on the two biggest plays—our Game of the Month, which was the Viking (-12) over the Lions and on our second strongest play, the Colts (-6) over the Broncos.

  Financially, that same 3-2 result should therefore result in a big cash windfall for you.

              Let’s examine that: Logically you should have wagered this way, if you were normally $100 a game player and had about $1,000 total to invest:

                        Vikings for $400

                        Colts for $200

                        Bengals for $100

                        Ravens for $100

                        S. Fran for $100

  Instead of $80 for $500, you would have laid out $900 and won $480. That’s a lot nicer hit for the same record. By the same token, if you are a bigger player and usually play $1,000 a game, your profit would have been $4,800 for the day.

                                    WORKS FOR SMALLER PLAYERS TOO

   Or supposed you only had $500 to play. You still could have done a lot better than $80 profit. If you were limited to a nickel, here’s the play

            Ultra Strong on Vikings $250

            Semi Strong on Colts     $125

            $40 Each on other games $120

  In that case your winnings on nearly $500 are a hefty $311. That’s about a 60% return on investment.

  I am telling you this to remind you that at Phantom Sports Picks we not only pick winners, we manage your investments to give you the highest profit possible. This is the proof in writing.

   And winning we do. Last Sunday, September 19, the NFL record was 5-2. After Sunday’s wins that record is now 8-4 or 66% winnings. That record and our expect money management system should be proof to you that your best choice in a Sports Service is Phantom Sports Picks.

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