Ask yourself these ten serious questions?

1-      Do I want to make consistent money?

2-      Am I constantly chasing profits?

3-      Do I always find myself in a hole even after a few decent weeks?

4-      Do I manage my money properly?

5-      Am I playing emotionally instead of logically most of the time?

6-      Will I play these games with the intention of actually winning?

7-      Do I bet on these games for action or to actually make money?

8-      Am I willing to take one step backwards to take two steps forward?

9-      With confidence and trust am I willing to invest with a service that can take the pressure of picking these games out of my lap?

10-   Do I actually have the time on my own to handicap all the games especially with so many college teams, match-ups , variables, injuries, weather conditions, traveling,  not to mention a las vegas spread that topples all the handicapping into the toilet.

Serious questions need serious answers. If you ANSWERED NO to question 10 you are like a majority of our clients that want that edge but they don’t have the time, knowledge or sources to create it. Let Phantom take all of that pressure out of your lap and get you into the win column. With sources all over the world , 50 years combined experience in sports betting and a percentage second to none in town and on the street, we can get you accustomed to winning again. There is money to make in this business with the right sources. Consider yourself lucky that you stumbled on us to convince you of that again. Its time to BET WITH CONFIDENCE and BET WITH THE SHARPS here at the Phantom.

Our Nickle and Dime Player packages are:

Weekend ticket Gold package $299.00

Monthly service Gold plays $799.00

Monthly service all access pass $1999.00 (may include introductory black service plays when applicable)