Silver Service

Choosing the Silver Service is a slam dunk decision for every day players who like action and winners. Play between $25 and $50 a game? Then our Silver Service is what you are looking for. Our handicappers and computer experts study every game on the college and pro round ball board. Every game is then rated using our exclusive basketball ratings system.

Silver Club Members have access to games that are rated STRONG with a 60% to 65% Projected Winning Rate (PWR).
Members Benefits Include:
  • Toll Free Number To Call For Selections
  • Private Consultations With Experienced Handicappers
  • 3 to 5 Hot Selections Daily
Selections are released after 10 A.M. Eastern Weekends & 4.30 P.M. for Weeknight Games.


1 Month Membership


Season, Post Season


Gold Service

Do you play $150 to $250 a game? Maybe a little more?

Experience has taught Platinum Sports advisers that the higher the amount per game played, the stronger the plays must be. Gold Service is designed to provide profit and action to players in that betting range.

You’ll get Extra Strong Selections with a Projected Winning Rate of 63% to 68%, games that are worth the extra investment. Of course, each night there are fewer higher rated games so this is clearly a “quality not quantity” service.

Gold Members have extra benefits too, including:

  • Private Access To A Special Gold Area of the Web Site
  • Toll Free Number To Call
  • Access to an experienced Personal Handicapping Representative
  • Anytime during business hours for consultation.
  • 2 to 3 High Powered Releases Each Day


1 Month Membership


Season Membership


Season, Post Season


Platinum Service

For those who play between $500 and $1,000 a game, Platinum Service is the “Tiffany” level of sports advisory services. No game is released unless it is rated by our Computer Projections at 80% or higher and backed up by special information.

Obviously, this is not a service for everyone. In fact, membership is kept deliberately exclusive because Platinum Service members deal only company level vice president or higher.

Platinum members also receive our SUPER POWERFUL LINE MISTAKE GAMES. With so many games on the board–up to 50 a day–the linesmakers often make major mistakes. Our rating systems is designed to find these mistakes immediately and take advantage of them.


Members are entitled to:

  • Special Platinum Area Web Site Access With games, line changes, updated information, live feeds,
  • Special Sports Investment Opportunities
  • Toll Free Number To Call
  • Speak Only to a Vice President or Higher For Your Plays
  • 1 to 2 Games Daily
  • Extra Strong Line Mistake Games When We Have Them
  • Special Platinum Parlays (like the Opening Night Clash of the Titans Parlay and Games of the Year


1 Month Membership


Season Membership


Season, Post Season


President’s Exclusive… NCAAB ONLY




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