By concentrating on weak “money lines,” Phantom Sports is able to spot live underdogs and hot “small favorites” that win at a high percentage. Our 5 year record is deceiving because so many of our games were “dog” selections that the cash won is equal to nearly 75% winners in any other sport.

Our computer pitching-hitting-current streak comparative rating system is unique among sports services. Created by President Jason Thane and a crack team of mathematicians and computer scientists, it is quite simply the most accurate method for predicting baseball wins ever invented.

Phantom Sports Picks offers a tiered set of Baseball Packages to meet any comfort level for action and investment capital. The higher the rating, the stronger the play. The stronger the play, the more you can wager with confidence. The more you wager, the more you win.

You can get started today by choosing the package below that best suits your level of play or test the waters with our very successful PLAY OF THE DAY SERVICE.




What’s not to like about 64.9% winners?

Since opening day in April, the Play of the Day has been an outstanding investment tool for casual bettors who play only a few days a week.

To get today’s Play of the Day, sign up before 4 P.M. Eastern time.

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