Everyone wants to come out of the gate with guns blazing and big bets flying when the football season opens.

At Phantom Sports, our advice is “Who, Cowboy! Slow Down.” The season is 22 weeks long. There are 5 months to the Super Bowl. This is a “marathon” not a “sprint.”

Professional bettors will plan their wagers to extend their bankroll. You don’t have to exactly “grind out” a profit, but that’s the way the pros do it.

Our staff knows you want to start taking money from the sports books as soon as possible and for as much as possible, but we know the valued of controlled wagering to long term profit. Because of that duality, we will from time to time give you bigger, stronger plays that you can double or triple up on, but we still will never recommend you dump your entire betting bankroll on a “can’t lose” or “lock” game.

We’re starting the college season with one of those very strong plays, our UNDER THE RADAR/OVER THE TOP COLLEGE PARLAY. Our staff has scouted and studied these games since spring practices. We know who’s sharp this summer. We know which teams have question marks at key positions. WHAT WE KNOW WILL GIVE THE 2-0 START WE NEED FOR THE SEASON.

But, in keeping with our LONG TERM PROFIT STRATEGY, we recommend NO MORE than a 10% of Bankroll Parlay. The reason is we have the ability to guide you to winning week after winning week. If you start with $10,000 September 2nd, we want you to be at $30,000 or more on Super Bowl Sunday. The way to achieve that is by making $1,000 or so a week rather than trying to win $20,000 at one clip.

Certainly, the bigger your bankroll grows, the more you play and the more you win. But the warning still is to play for the long run and approach your football investments with a calm, cool, eye toward the rich rewards you’ll get by sticking to the plan to the end of the season.