07 SEP

welcome back to football season 2011

Football GUARANTEED 3-0 Opening Night Package! Online Now!

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 Welcome Back To Football….

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***It’s been a long time since we finished up the College Bowls with a 10-3 cash profit sweep.

***I’m sure you’re as eager as I am to get back into winning and pocketing all the extra football money that we got used to last season. I’m sure you remember we finished the regular schedule at at PLUS 22 GAMES with a 73-51-5 record.  That was 58.8% for the season. And with 10-3 Postseason, our total 2010 record finalized at 83-54-5 for a solid and successful 60.5%.

***Do you also remember we WON 7 OF 9 MONSTER PLAYS? Good that you do because I am starting this season with a 3 MONSTER PLAY PACKAGE that my NEW POWER RATINGS aided by EXTRA ON SCENE SOURCES show WE CANNOT LOSE.

***I know you’re getting tons of emails today from services. Forget them! You and I have a winning history. Let’s start the new season by making money together.

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Jason Thane

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P.S. You are GUARANTEED to go at least 2-1 or the rest of the week is FREE on me.


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