2011 NFL Round Robin Hit Easy

Sept 18th 2011

Phantom Sports Email for Saturday, Sept. 18


Phantom Sports Picks

“The Phantom Knows Football”


     The True Players In Town Are Cleaning Up with Round Robins Tomorrow. We Have A Plan And We Will Execute It.

 Remember vision without execution is hallucination.   

     Everyone laughed at me when I said the Detroit Lions will make the playoffs but my clients that hammered them with me last Sunday against Tampa Bay had the last laugh…AND THE CASH! On Sunday we are ready to do this 3 times.


My Trusted Player:

We have waited all week to take the gloves off and go bare knuckle with exotics tomorrow in the NFL just when the time is right. We have three teams that will all hit and we are so convinced we are adding the three team round robin into the mix.

Round Robin Defined:

Multi-Team bets between three and ten teams. These teams are then used to create as many two team combinations as possible.

Instead of laying your boring $1100 to win a dime, join me with my horse betting mentality to really hit em hard tomorrow with a strategic round robin to maximize your ultimate earning potential. We will play these three teams straight and then parlay them into three 2 team parlays guaranteed 2 out of 3 parlay winners or Monday night is on the house. Monday night is only for our exclusive clients signed up in our Black Card Rolls Royce Service so that’s a guarantee that’s not too shabby.

We are hammering the right sides of Steelers/Seahawks and Falcons/Eagles. The Third matchup is too confidential in house to put in this email. First Time Phantom Players get the low introductory price of $24.00. A dime player can net $10k on a package like this for $24.00 it’s a no brainer.

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1-866-350-5625 (LOCK)

Guys from Canarsie to Yonkers are getting on planes to Vegas and Reno now carrying the cash for this game. Hook up with me or miss out on the easiest score of your life.

Jason Thane

CEO Phantom Sports Picks


P.S. Once again , to reiterate, You are GUARANTEED to WIN at least two parlays or Monday’s FREE on me